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Votan's Global Disclosure Portal (GDP) To Build Consumer Trust & Lead the Market with Transparency

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Why Votan

Revolutionize your sales and build trust with consumers

Digital Product Passports offer a modern solution for transparent and traceable product information, enhancing your brand's credibility and reputation.

Prioritize sustainability so that others prioritize you

Reporting and disclosures were never meant to be a question of whether to invest or not. Rather, what will you get if you invest in the same. Stay ahead of your competitors and the upcoming regulations. Join Votan today to claim your early benefits


Growth in product sales is observed if consumers trusts the brand they is buying from


Climate laws and policies have been proposed globally


Customers agree to spend more on sustainably produced goods


Discover How Votan's GDP Revolutionizes Transparency and Accountability

Transparent Disclosures

Digital Product Passports

Smart Procurement

Certification Integration

Carbon Offsets & Reductions

Climate Consultation

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Perks & Benefits

Experience the Votan Advantage

Enhanced Transparency

Showcase your sustainability efforts, certifications, and supply chain practices with clarity and authenticity, fostering trust and loyalty among consumers.

Traceable Product Passports

Provide consumers with traceable QR codes and digital product passports, enabling them to verify the sustainability credentials of your products easily.

Smart Procurement

Reduce your emissions by switching to our vast database of eco-conscious vendors, facilitating sustainable sourcing practices and reducing environmental impact.

Seamless Certification Integration

Easily apply new certificates or labels to your products to demonstrate compliance with industry standards and regulations, enhancing your brand's credibility and marketability.

Carbon Offsets & Reductions

Explore carbon offset opportunities and track emissions reductions to meet your sustainability goals effectively, contributing to a greener future while maintaining business operations.

Expert Climate Consultation

Receive expert guidance and consultation to navigate complex climate-related challenges, make informed decisions, and stay ahead of evolving regulatory requirements.


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Sustainability in Textiles & Fashion

Discover how our platform helps the textiles and fashion industry in carbon emission tracking and sustainability reporting.

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