Know Your Emissions

We'll walk you through understanding scopes, your product and supplier emissions, securely report them, and make plans to reduce them.

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Know Your Emissions (KYE)

We firmly believe that learning as you go with our guidance is the most effective way to tackle your emissions. We created a quick and straightforward process called KYE (Know Your Emissions). This will make you a top choice for clients, boost your investment rating, and keep you clear of regulation penalties. Plus, we reward you for your progress and assist you in motivating your partners to adopt sustainable practices for the future.


Carbon Calculation Launchpad

  • Stepping stone to achieving net-zero emissions effortlessly
  • AI-based chat advisor, step-by-step guide and our onboarding assistant
  • You won’t be challenged by the confusion of carbon calculation complexity
  • Understand your emissions for just $9
+ For governments, cities and properties, we provide certified satellite-based measurement

Supplier’s On-ramp

  • Joint Emissions Management
  • Agreements to separate scope 3 emissions
  • Establish robust relations with your supply chain.
  • Set up an immutable smart contract with your partners
  • Collaborate for Data Accuracy
  • Transforming your carbon reduction journey into a shared, purpose-driven mission

Product Emissions Lifecycle

  • Future-proof solution for precise carbon accounting
  • Automation powered by APIs and AI modules simplifies complex calculations
  • Ensuring accuracy while saving you time and resources
  • Traceable Eco-labels powered by NFT technology
  • Communicate your commitment to sustainability transparently

Global Disclosure Portal

  • Reveal Emissions on the Global Disclosure Portal
  • Verified and Certified Reports and Traceable Eco-labels
  • Adjustable Access powered by zero-knowledge technology
  • Carbon reporting’s trustworthiness
  • #NOTIME initiative strengthening your sustainability narrative.

Reduction Intelligence

  • Reduction Plans & Simulations service
  • Make informed decisions
  • Simulations and modelling with AI module
  • Carbon reduction strategies
  • Join our partner network to access shared insights and best practices
  • Our solutions act as a barrier against greenwashing

Act now & Get a head start with Votan

Avoid penalties

Understand carbon taxes and regulations and avoid penalties and disruptions.

Attract new clients

Consumers are increasingly willing to pay extra for sustainable brands.

Manage financial risks

Sustainability leads to better financial performance and decreasing investment risks

Attract top talents

Highlighting sustainability also helps you attract and retain top talent.

Beat competition

Supply chain pressures are mounting, with a significant portion of GHG emissions.

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